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Eliminated bend overs by ErgoStrap
Safe, healthy and efficient ErgoStrap users
The Solution

Strapping pallets safely and efficiently

Proven for over 25 years, eliminating repetitive motion with ErgoStrap is our objective.
Avoid painful and harmful bend overs, save time and improve your associates on the job experience. Let us show you how!

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The ergonomic and mobile pallet strapping system. Made in Germany – at home in more than 60 countries!

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Experience ErgoStrap on your floor with your pallet applications. Our ErgoStrap experts can demonstrate the benefits of the system for your team to see and specify which machine model is the best fit for your needs.

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Trade Show [US]
, IMTS - Chicago
Trade Show [US]
, Southern Automotive Conference - Chattanooga
Trade Show [US]
, Pack Expo - Chicago