The ErgoStrap X-Pert Line

PP and PET strapping for pallets 6” - 120”

Feature Highlights

X-Pert Line includes:


Intuitive user guide
Sealing head

Fully integrated sealing head with touchscreen and ergonomically designed operating elements

Sealing tool is mounted to eliminate repetitive weight and vibration affects

Consistent strap tension

Adjust the tension to match the application requirements


The Line-Laser shows the associate where to position ErgoStrap in front of the pallet
Ergonomically designed handles for comfortable and lightweight machine mobility

The efficient ErgoStrap solution leads to

50% reduction in the loss of performance of your employees during a working day
30% reduction of errors in the strapping process
100% time saving per pallet






The extendable sealing head mount. The Triplex Tool Lift allows the operator to side seal and also top seal as low as 6” without removing the sealing head.

Other models

Each model delivers the same strapping functionality, with some performance and feature differences.

All ErgoStrap Models

Certified & Recommended

The "Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V." certified ergonomically pallet strapping system of ErgoPack.

After an extensive examination of the expert committee the “Aktion gesunder Rücken e.V.“, a merger of the two biggest German back associations, ErgoStrap was granted the AGR quality certification for the ErgoStrap Strapping System and recommends the ErgoStrap System as well designed for improved spinal health and employee safety in the work place.

For more information about the AGR Quality Certification please see


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