More than 15,000 systems sold

in more than 60 countries


First prototype of a strapping device based on a double scissors system similar to a scissors lifting table.


Invention and patenting of the world’s first ChainLance.


First serial model ErgoStrap 300 for composite straps with a core diameter of 75mm, operated by a crank.


Introduction of the ErgoStrap 500 with a 5m long ChainLance to strap larger pallets with PP and PET strap with a 406mm core diameter.


The new ErgoStrap 600 wins the gold medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, as well as the German Inventor’s Award. With the help of the newly developed strap lifter, the operator does not have to bend down anymore at all.


Change from the crank to an electronic drive operated by battery. The ErgoStrap Tool-Lift makes side strapping of high pallets even easier, as different sealing tools can be attached to it and do not have to be held in the hand.


ErgoStrap 720E and 730E, the first complete strapping systems with an integrated sealing head and a centralised battery power supply, are part of our product range.


ErgoStrap 725E and 740E. Integration of a totally new state-of-the-art sealing head.

since 2014

The ErgoStrap Air becomes a milestone in pallet strapping. The worldwide one and only mobile system to strap elevated pallets.


The completely revised Model 2017 with over 40 new features is being introduced.

since 2018

The E-conomy Line has been enhanced. The new sealing head with touchscreen impresses with an ergonomic fit and intuitive control. Reliable and safe strapping for almost 20 years.

since 2019

The X-pert Line sets the new benchmark. Advanced electronics and newly designed touchscreens on the sealing head and the strapping system guarantee an intuitive user interface. Ergonomically, the X-pert Line also sets a new high standard.